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Chinese delegation for TCM visits Macedonia

2016-01-22 19:44

Macedonian Minister for Health Nikola Todorov, had a working meeting on Thursday with a delegation from the National Administration for Traditional Chinese Medicine, accompanied by China's ambassador to Macedonia, Wen Zhenshun.

At the meeting, according to the Ministry of Health, were discussed the mutual cooperation in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine, particularly in the strengthening and establishment of Center for Traditional Chinese medicine, which has been recently formed in Macedonia.


It is a center formed by a decision of the Macedonian Government, on basis of the Law for Complementary and alternative medicine, based in Stip, which will deal with applicative, research and educational activities in the field of traditional Chinese Medicine. At the meeting it was emphasized that it is the first such Centre in Europe which the state established and financed.

In the following months, several experts from China will reside in Macedonia and they will be engaged for the needs of the Center. The goal is through a successful and quality Cooperation, the Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine to become a credible institution.

The Minister said that a tendency is the services offered by the center to be dispersed in other cities throughout the country, including Skopje.

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