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Ambassador Dong Chufeng attended in the signing ceremony for the transfer of the school renovation project assisted by Chinese Government

2010-11-12 21:02

November 12, the Chinese Ambassador to Macedonia H. E. Mr. Dong Chunfeng, together with H. E. Mr. Nikola Todorov, Minister of Education and Science of Macedonia, signed in Skopje the transfer certificate of the Gorce Delcev School renovation project assisted by Chinese Government in Prilep of Macedonia. Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia H. E. Mr. Vasko Naumovski, Mayor of Prilep Mr. Marjan Risteski, and Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Mr. Sun Liwei etc. also attended the signing ceremony



          Ambassador Dong Chunfeng & Deputy                              Ambassador Dong Chunfeng & Minister

          Prime Minister Vasko Naumovski                                         Nikola Todorov signed the certificate


Ambassador Dong Chunfeng said that the Chinese government has always been providing assistance within its capacity to the friendly developing countries, never attaching any extra conditions. China and Macedonia have developed friendly and smooth cooperation in various fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations. China has provided economic and technical assistance to Macedonia. China has paid attention to the development of education in Macedonia, providing computer to the school, completing the renovation of the school, and providing training opportunities for governmental officials and technical staff. China is willing to work with Macedonia to further strengthen economic and technical cooperation, and continue to provide assistance within its capacity to Macedonia.



          Ambassador Dong Chunfeng,  Deputy                                  Mayor Marjan Risteski awarded

          Prime Minister Vasko Naumovski,                                           the City Honor to

          Minister Ninola Todorov, and                                                 Ambassador Dong Chunfeng

          Mayor Marjan Risteski


Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Vasko Naumovski expressed satisfaction to the current economic and technical cooperation between the two countries, extended gratitude to the Chinese government's selfless assistance on behalf of the Macedonian government, and hoped to further strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields.

Minister Mr. Nikola Todorov also thanked the Chinese assistance on behalf of the Ministry of Education & Science, and hoped to continue to strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the field of education.

Mayor of Prilep Mr. Marjan Risteski thanked the Chinese government's sincere and selfless assistance on behalf of all Gorce Delcev School staff and students and students' parents, saying that it's with Chinese government's help that the City of Prilep now has a school of European standard with first-class facilities. Meanwhile, on behalf of the whole citizens, Mr. Marjan Risteski also thanked the Chinese Embassy in Macedonia and Ambassador Dong Chunfeng for the contribution to the improvement of the City's educational facilities, and awarded the latter "Nov. 3rd City Liberation Award", which symbolized the highest honor from the City of Prilep.

The renovation of Gorce Delcev School started from May 14th and completed on September 1st this year, with a donation of about 5 million RMB from the Chinese government, mainly used in replacing windows for classrooms, painting the inside and outside walls, restoring the ground surface, and equipping the classrooms with desks, chairs, and blackboards etc.

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