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Embassy of China in Macedonia held a Spring Festival Reception for the Oversea Chinese in Macedonia

2011-01-31 21:10

January 31, the Chinese ambassador in Macedonia Mr. Dong and his wife, held in the Embassy a spring festival reception for over 30 oversea Chinese, Chinese Teacher, and representatives from the Chinese companies in Macedonia, to celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year Year of the Rabbit.


Ambassador Dong delivered a warm speech, presented New Year wishes, and wished together the motherland more prosperous and successful. In the speech, Dong said 2010 was another successful year for China, testified by Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, 10.3% GDP growth, and China's contributions to world peace, which had aroused the world attention. China had smoothly implemented the 11th Five-year Plan, and had just made the new outlook of the 12th Five-year Plan, enriching the motherland's future with hope.

Ambassador Dong recalled the bilateral relations and cooperation between China and Macedonia, listing Macedonia's exhibition in Shanghai World Expo, Propaganda Minister Liu Yunshan's visit to Macedonia, Tourism MOU between two countries, and other fruitful cooperation in economic and cultural areas, which had proven the continuous development and accomplishment of Macedonian and Chinese relations. Ambassador Dong also fully affirmed the contribution of all the oversea Chinese and representatives.

Ambassador Dong said 2011 would be a year full of hope for the motherland and China-Macedonia relations. The Embassy would continue to implement the policy of "people-oriented and diplomacy for the people", is concerned with the oversea Chinese in Macedonia, safeguards their legitimate rights and interests, and looks forward to the new contributions of China-Macedonia relations.

The oversea Chinese in Macedonia thanked the motherland for long-term care and support, and were proud of motherland's prosperity. All people presented wish together the motherland a even better tomorrow.

The Reception was always filled with a warm, friendly, peaceful and joyful festive atmosphere, both inside and outside of the Embassy were also always full of the sense of traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

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