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Xi Jinping Holds Talks with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan

2023-05-17 23:40

On the afternoon of May 17, 2023, President Xi Jinping held talks in Xi'an with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan who is in China for the China-Central Asia Summit and a state visit.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Kazakhstan are trustworthy good friends, good brothers, and good partners to each other. With China advancing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization, and Kazakhstan building a rapidly growing and prosperous "New Kazakhstan", China and Kazakhstan are both at a critical stage of development and revitalization, and China-Kazakhstan relations have entered the next three golden decades. The two sides should vigorously carry forward the traditional friendship, firmly support each other, seek greater synergy between development strategies, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, jointly pursue development and rejuvenation, and build a China-Kazakhstan community with a shared future featuring everlasting friendship, strong mutual trust and solidarity.

Xi Jinping stressed that an independent, secure, stable, growing and prosperous Kazakhstan is in the common interests of the people of China and Kazakhstan. China firmly supports Kazakhstan in safeguarding its national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and supports Kazakhstan in pursuing a development path that suits its national conditions. Xi noted that over the past decade since he put forward the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China and Kazakhstan have successfully implemented dozens of important cooperation projects which have delivered benefits to the two peoples and contributed to the common development of the two countries. The two sides need to expand cooperation in such fields as economy, trade, investment, agriculture, automobile manufacturing and energy, deepen connectivity, promote land-sea intermodal transport, expand cooperation in new areas like e-commerce, innovation and big data, and speed up the establishment of cultural centers in each other's country and the opening of a Luban Workshop in Kazakhstan. The two sides should take the signing of the agreement on mutual visa exemption as an opportunity to step up cultural and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation and strengthen public support for bilateral ties. China welcomes Kazakhstan holding the Kazakhstan Year of Tourism in China in 2024. Xi Jinping also expressed the confidence that the opening of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Xi'an will boost sub-national exchanges between the two countries, and noted that the two sides need to step up media exchanges and cooperation to jointly communicate China-Kazakhstan friendship stories well.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the China-Central Asia cooperation mechanisms are designed to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and help promote common prosperity, with focus on the current needs and future development of the countries. The upcoming China-Central Asia Summit is of landmark significance, and will usher in a new era of China-Central Asia cooperation. China is ready to work with Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries to pool strength and wisdom to build the China-Central Asia cooperation mechanisms into an important platform for advancing in-depth cooperation among the six countries through extensive consultation and joint contribution.

Tokayev expressed his pleasure to attend the China-Central Asia Summit in Xi'an upon invitation and to pay a state visit to China. He extended congratulations on China's great achievements under President Xi Jinping's leadership and expressed confidence that China will embrace an even more glorious future. Tokayev said he fully echoes President Xi Jinping's comments on Kazakhstan-China relations and his suggestions for further enhancing bilateral cooperation. Noting that China is placed in a special and important position in Kazakhstan's foreign policy, Tokayev said Kazakhstan-China relations are based on profound friendship and solid mutual trust, and the two sides share common goals and missions. Kazakhstan is ready to work with China to further strengthen the Kazakhstan-China permanent comprehensive strategic partnership, expand bilateral cooperation in such fields as trade, tourism, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges, as well as at sub-national levels, so as to lay a more solid foundation for the next three golden decades of bilateral relations. Tokayev expressed pleasure at the signing of the bilateral agreement on mutual visa exemption, noting that it will give a strong boost to exchanges between the two countries. He hailed the BRI as a great initiative, saying that Kazakhstan will continue its active participation in the BRI. Given the current complex international situation, the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping are of great significance. Kazakhstan actively supports the initiatives and stands ready to strengthen communication and cooperation with China in this regard. Kazakhstan is ready to work with China to make full use of the China-Central Asia cooperation mechanisms to jointly promote regional security, stability, and development.

After the talks, the two heads of state signed the Joint Statement between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and jointly witnessed the signing of multiple bilateral documents on cooperation in such fields as economy, trade, energy, transportation, agriculture, connectivity, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges, as well as at sub-national levels.

Cai Qi, Wang Yi, and Qin Gang, among others, were present at the above events.

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