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Qin Gang Holds Talks with Representatives from Norwegian Business Community

2023-05-12 23:00

On May 11, 2023 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang held talks with representatives from the Norwegian business community in Oslo.

Qin Gang noted that Norwegian companies entered China as early as 1888. Having long engaged in cooperation with China, and been deeply involved in China's reform and opening up, Norwegian companies have made important contributions to the mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly exchanges between the two countries. China will stay committed to reform and opening up with focus on high-quality development, pursue win-win cooperation, and strive to provide a better investment environment and new development opportunities for businesses from other countries.

Buoyed by great resilience, China's economy will achieve stable, sound and sustained development, and remain a powerhouse of the world economy. Chinese modernization is one of common prosperity for all that will not only deliver a better life for the Chinese people, but also provide a larger market and more opportunities to other countries. Chinese modernization is also one of harmony between humanity and nature that will open up vast space for cooperation between China and Norway in the green and low-carbon fields. China and Norway are both supporters of and participants in economic globalization, and both reject protectionism and oppose decoupling and severing supply chains. Given the current circumstances, China and Norway need to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation more than ever, and join hands to promote trade liberalization and facilitation to achieve more fruitful outcomes in bilateral cooperation.

Representatives from the Norwegian business community said that China is an important market and trading partner for Norwegian companies, and they are ready to further deepen cooperation with China. They also noted that strengthening dialogue and communication between the governments and business communities of the two countries will help enhance mutual understanding and expand cooperation areas.

Qin Gang heard the views and suggestions of the business representatives on ways to strengthen China-Norway trade and economic cooperation. He also answered questions on the Ukraine crisis, green transition, intellectual property protection, and China-US relations, among others.

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