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Qin Gang Attends the Fifth China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue

2023-05-07 14:40

On May 6, 2023 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang attended the fifth China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue in Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari chaired the dialogue, and Acting Foreign Minister of the Afghan Interim Government Amir Khan Muttaqi attended the dialogue.

Qin Gang said that the successful hosting of the foreign ministers’ dialogue marks the restart of the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan cooperation mechanism. China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are traditionally friendly neighbors connected by mountains and waters. China always attaches importance to developing friendly relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan, and stands ready to join hands with Afghanistan and Pakistan through bilateral and trilateral cooperation mechanisms to implement the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, share development opportunities, meet security challenges together, jointly advance the progress of civilizations, set an example of cooperation among neighbors, through mini-multilateralism and on hotspot issues, and defend and promote regional stability and prosperity.

Qin Gang emphasized that China is ready to strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan, uphold the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security, firmly oppose any form of terrorism, reject supporting or using terrorism and “double standards” on fighting terrorism, and strengthen cooperation on combating terrorism with greater efforts. The three parties should strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism and security affairs under regional multilateral frameworks including the mechanism of coordination and cooperation among Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. Qin expressed his hope that Afghanistan and Pakistan will further strengthen safety and security measures for Chinese nationals, institutions and projects.

Qin Gang noted that China is ready to strengthen strategic communication and policy coordination among the three countries through the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan trilateral cooperation channels, and enhance good-neighborliness, friendship and strategic mutual trust. China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan in development and connectivity, deepen the bond and connection of interests among the three countries, share each other’s development opportunities and achievements, and increase cultural and people-to-people exchanges among the three countries.

Amir Khan Muttaqi and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan cooperation is of great significance to advancing regional peace and prosperity. Afghanistan and Pakistan are ready to actively promote trilateral cooperation, formulate a roadmap for cooperation in such fields as politics, security and economy, safeguard the common interests of the three countries, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and bring benefits to the people of the three countries and other countries in the region.

The three foreign ministers had candid and in-depth exchanges on such issues as good-neighborliness and mutual trust, security cooperation and counter-terrorism, connectivity and trade and investment, and reached a series of consensus.

The three parties agreed to uphold good-neighborliness and friendship, deepen political mutual trust, respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, properly handle conflicts and differences through equal consultation, oppose interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs, reject illegal unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan, and object to all acts that undermine regional peace and stability.

The three parties agreed to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation, take multi-pronged measures, address both symptoms and root causes, and jointly respond to terrorism threats based on the principle of mutual respect and treating each other as equals. China and Pakistan support the Afghan interim government in strengthening capacity building to better cope with the terrorism threats. The Afghan side briefed on its domestic security situation and counter-terrorism efforts, and stressed that it will not allow any forces to use Afghanistan’s territory for activities against China and Pakistan.

The three parties agreed to restart the dialogue mechanism under the framework of the foreign ministers’ dialogue, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in such fields as economy, trade, agriculture, poverty reduction, and cultural and people-to-people exchanges, advance the Belt and Road cooperation, support the extension of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan, promote connectivity among the three countries and the region, and improve the cross-border trade system, with a view to enhancing economic integration among the three countries and achieving sustainable development.

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