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Qin Gang: China Hopes Myanmar Will Crack Down on Internet Fraud

2023-05-03 23:55

During his visit to Myanmar, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang asked Myanmar to crack down on the crimes of Internet fraud.

Qin Gang pointed out that Myanmar's border areas have long been home to gangs of telecommunications and Internet fraud, which have seriously infringed on the interests of Chinese citizens and are abhorred by the Chinese public. The Chinese government attaches great importance to and is determined to crack down on that. China asks Myanmar to take concrete measures, coordinate efforts with various departments to continue advancing the China-Myanmar-Thailand joint combat operation, and rescue trapped Chinese nationals in a timely manner.

The Myanmar side expressed its readiness to strengthen cooperation with China's law enforcement and security departments to crack down on Internet fraud and other illegal activities in the border areas and safeguard order in the border areas.

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