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Li Qiang Meets with Brazilian President Lula da Silva

2023-04-15 10:55

On the afternoon of April 14, 2023, at the Great Hall of the People, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council met with Brazilian President Lula da Silva who is on a state visit to China.

Li Qiang said that China and Brazil are the two biggest developing countries and important emerging markets in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the strategic partnership between the two countries, and the bilateral relationship now stands at an important historical juncture to build on past achievements and forge ahead into the future. China is ready to work with Brazil to further deepen political mutual trust, maintain close strategic communication, seek greater synergy between development strategies, and continuously elevate the all-round, multi-tiered and high-level cooperation between the two countries to new heights.

Li Qiang pointed out that China's high-quality development will bring more opportunities and broader space to China-Brazil cooperation. The two sides should forge new highlights in economic and trade cooperation, actively work to increase and diversify exports of agricultural products in bilateral trade, and strengthen cooperation in energy, mining, aviation and other fields. Efforts should be made to set a new benchmark for production-capacity cooperation, promote synergy in the entire industrial chain, and consolidate and deepen cooperation in such fields as infrastructure and manufacturing. The two sides should foster new strengths in innovation cooperation, expand cooperation in digital economy and green development, and make bilateral cooperation a well-established example of South-South high-tech cooperation. Efforts should also be made to consolidate the new support underpinning financial cooperation, expand cooperation within multilateral financial mechanisms including the New Development Bank, strengthen dialogue and exchanges in the financial field, and further increase two-way investment.

Li Qiang said that both China and Brazil are defenders of multilateralism, contributors to global development, and beneficiaries of globalization. China is ready to work with Brazil to step up communication and coordination on multilateral affairs, jointly safeguard the international order and international system with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter at the core, act on true multilateralism, advance WTO reforms in the right direction, and contribute more to promoting international economic cooperation and safeguarding the rights and interests of developing countries.

Noting that Brazil highly values its relations with China, Lula said that China is the first country outside the Americas that he has visited after taking office as Brazilian President again. Brazil is ready to deepen cooperation with China in such fields as politics, economy and trade, agriculture, education, science and technology, culture, and sustainable development, and expand two-way investment and local currency settlement, so as to help Brazil speed up re-industrialization and promote economic and social development. Noting that China is an important partner in improving global governance, Lula said Brazil is ready to work with China to strengthen communication and coordination in international affairs to jointly defend the interests of developing countries, increase the voices of the developing world, and jointly build a peaceful and stable world.

Qin Gang, among others, was present at the meeting.

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