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Qin Gang Expounds on the Consensus Reached at the Second Informal Meeting on Afghanistan Between Foreign Ministers of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran

2023-04-13 23:55

On April 13, 2023 local time, after chairing the Second Informal Meeting on Afghanistan between Foreign Ministers of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran in Samarkand, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang briefed the press on a series of important consensus reached at the meeting.

First, the Ministers reiterated respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and support for the “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” principle in determining the country’s political future and development path.

Second, they emphasized their deep concerns regarding the terrorism-related security situation in Afghanistan, and urged the Afghan interim government to take more visible measures to uphold its stated commitments on counter-terrorism, dismantling and eliminating

all sorts of terrorist groups, prevent the soil of Afghanistan from being used by any terrorist group, and take effective measures to protect the safety, security and legitimate rights of foreign institutions and citizens in Afghanistan.

Third, they called on the Afghan authorities to promote inclusive governance and protect the basic rights and interests of all Afghan people, including women, children and ethnic minorities.

Fourth, they stressed that the US and its allies bear the historical responsibility for the current difficult situation in Afghanistan, should immediately lift their unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan and return the assets overseas belonging to the Afghan people, and must not build any more military bases in Afghanistan and the region.

Fifth, they called on the international community to continue providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, and help the country effectively fight against narcotics and develop alternative crops to enhance its capacity for independent and sustainable development.

Sixth, they supported all diplomatic efforts conducive to facilitating the political settlement of Afghan issues, and supported the international community, in particular the United Nations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting among Neighboring Countries of Afghanistan and Moscow Format Consultations, in playing a positive role in this regard.

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