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Li Qiang Has a Phone Call with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

2023-04-04 23:30

On the afternoon of April 4, 2023, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council had a phone call with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Li Qiang said that under the strategic guidance of the two countries' heads of state, the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era has maintained high-level development. China-Russia relations are based on non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of any third party, featuring mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual benefit. This relationship not only promotes respective development and rejuvenation, but also upholds international fairness and justice.

Li Qiang emphasized that during President Xi Jinping's recent successful visit to Russia, he and President Vladimir Putin jointly drew up a new blueprint for the development of bilateral relations, pointing out a new direction for bilateral cooperation. China is ready to work closely with Russia, and the government departments of the two countries should follow through on the important common understandings reached between the two heads of state and push forward practical cooperation between China and Russia to constantly achieve new development.

Mikhail Mishustin said that the Russia-China relationship is based on international law and the principle of pluralism, which serves as an important factor to ensure global peace and stability. At present, Russia-China relations are at a historical high, and President Xi Jinping's state visit to Russia was a complete success, opening a new chapter in Russia-China relations. Russia cherishes its comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination with China and stands ready to strengthen good-neighborliness and friendship with China, deepen practical cooperation in various fields, and strive for common development of the two countries.

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