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Qin Gang Has a Phone Call with  Foreign Minister Batmunkh Battsetseg of Mongolian

2023-01-17 23:55

On January 17, 2023, Foreign Minister Qin Gang had a phone call  at request with Mongolian Foreign Minister Batmunkh Battsetseg.

Qin Gang expressed that under the strategic guidance of the heads of state of both countries and the joint efforts of two sides, China-Mongolia relations have maintained a sound development momentum, with practical cooperation yielding fruitful outcomes and two-way trade registering a record high. The two peoples have also joined hands in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, gifting one another with sheep and tea. To maintain, consolidate and further develop China-Mongolia relations is the strategic choice of both sides. China is willing to maintain close exchanges with Mongolia at all levels and deepen cooperation in various fields, so as to make new progress in building a community with a shared future for the two countries.

Qin Gang said that China has recently improved and re-calibrated its prevention and control measures in light of the changing situation of the pandemic, including introducing a new entry and exit management policy aimed at facilitating people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries. China appreciates Mongolia's science-based and objective stand and its support for normal people-to-people exchange between the two countries.

Battsetseg said as permanent neighbors connected by mountains and rivers, Mongolia and China are exemplary partners for cooperation in the region and good brothers fighting the pandemic with concerted efforts. Mongolia will, as always, stick to the one-China principle and is willing to strengthen high-level exchanges and deepen pragmatic cooperation with China, so as to make positive contributions to regional and international peace and stability and take the Mongolia-China comprehensive strategic partnership to a higher level.

The two foreign ministers exchanged their New Year greetings as well.

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