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Xi Jinping Replies to Letter from Representatives of Chinese-Language Learners in Saudi Arabia

2022-12-07 23:00

President Xi Jinping recently replied to a letter from representatives of Chinese-language learners in Saudi Arabia, encouraging Saudi youths to learn Chinese well and make new contributions to enhancing the China-Saudi Arabia and China-Arab friendship.

Noting that language is the best key to understanding a country, Xi Jinping said he is sincerely glad that the Saudi youths have learned about a colorful, multi-dimensional and comprehensive China through learning Chinese and participating in the “Chinese Bridge” exchange program. At present, both the Chinese people and the Saudi people are striving to realize their respective great dreams. Learning each other’s language and understanding each other’s history and culture will help promote mutual understanding and forge closer bonds between the two peoples, and also contribute to building a human community with a shared future.

Xi Jinping stressed that youth breeds infinite hope and the younger generation shapes the future of China-Saudi Arabia and China-Arab friendship. He expressed the hope that the students will cherish the good times and study hard to make new contributions to enhancing the friendship between the Chinese people and the people of Saudi Arabia as well as between the Chinese and the Arabs in general. The students are welcome to visit China and tour around the country, where they can enhance mutual understanding and develop a long-term friendship with Chinese youths so as to jointly create a brighter future for China-Saudi Arabia and China-Arab relations.

More than 100 young Chinese-language learners and enthusiasts from Saudi Arabia wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping recently to share their gains from and thoughts on learning the Chinese language. They expressed their wish to learn more about China, and voiced their determination to become young envoys for promoting the friendship between Saudi Arabia and China.

To date, Saudi Arabia has included the Chinese language in its educational system, set up majors related to the Chinese language in nine universities, trained more than 300 local Chinese-language teachers, mobilized over 1,100 college students to participate in the "Chinese Bridge" online winter camps, and supported 1,000-plus college students in joining the online programs of the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship.

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