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Comments of the Chinese Embassy in North Macedonia on the NATO Summit

2021-06-18 13:15

1. Regarding the communiqué released at the conclusion of NATO summit in Brussels, stating that China poses "systemic challenges" to the international order and to areas relevant to the alliance's security,

Comment: There is only one system and one order in the world. That is, the international system with the UN at its core and the international order based on international law. It runs counter to the historical trend of peace, development and cooperation to form small cliques, pursue bloc politics and force other countries to choose sides between different ideologies. Such attempt will never be supported by the people, nor will it succeed.

In order to maintain its global hegemony, the US has been ganging up and pursuing bloc politics. It looks like the US is promoting Neocolonialism. NATO urges its member states to increase their military spending to at least 2% of GDP, while criticizing China's normal defense development and military modernization. This is typical double standards. In fact, China's defense accounts for about 1.3% of its GDP, much lower than the standard set for NATO member states. China's per capita military spending is below the global average and less than one-fifth of that of NATO members.

The era of one country or a bloc of countries dictating world affairs is over. Under the current situation, the international community needs to strengthen solidarity more than ever. We hope NATO will uphold a correct view on China, not the other way around. China does not pose "systemic challenges" to anyone, but will firmly safeguard our sovereignty, security and development interests.

2. Regarding NATO’s claim that China poses a challenge to NATO’s collective security, prosperity and values,

Comment: The US has suppressed different development models by holding ideology as the yardstick, exerted extreme pressure and launch extreme competition on China and other countries. It has repeatedly violated international rules and market principle of fair competition, politicized economic and scientific issues from ideological prism, abused state power to hamstring the development of China and other countries, and undermined the interests of many, provoking outrage from the international community. The US keeps asking others to play by the rules, but it takes the lead in breaching international rules, which fully exposed the hypocrisy of its claims.

Multipolarization and democratic international relations are irresistible trend of the times. Under the current situation, the international community needs to practice true multilateralism. Countries should not seek bloc politics on the basis of the interests of small cliques, suppress different development models by holding ideology as the yardstick, and still less confuse right with wrong and shift blames onto others.

China is committed to an independent foreign policy of peace. China follows the path of peaceful development and rejects the claim by some that a stronger country is bound to follow the beaten path to seek hegemony. Unlike the US, we have never threatened to use military force against other countries, never engaged in military alliance, and never exported ideology. We have never stirred up trouble on others' doorsteps, or meddled in others' internal affairs. We have never taken the initiative to wage a trade war, and never imposed unjustified oppression on foreign enterprises. But when China's national sovereignty and dignity are being coerced and undermined, we undoubtedly need to respond with legitimate and lawful actions to safeguard international equity and justice. Together with all peace-loving countries in the world, we will say no to acts of coercion in whatever form.

3. Regarding NATO’s concern about the security risks of Chinese telecommunication companies,

Comment: Today the US is ill, and it’s bad. Yet it declared "the US is back" as if in a sleepwalking, taking the chance of a summit to continue the ways of bullying and hegemony. The accusation that Huawei and other Chinese enterprises threaten national security of any country is groundless. Facts have proved that Chinese companies have been maintaining a very good record on network security. Take Huawei as an example. In the past 30 years, Huawei has built more than 1,500 networks in more than 170 countries and regions, partnering with 228 Fortune Global 500 companies and serving more than three billion people around the world. There have been no such network security incidents as the Snowden incident and WikiLeaks, no such cyber surveillance programs as "Prism Gate", "Formula Organization" and "Echelon System", and no country has been able to come up with evidence to prove Huawei products have back doors.

The US is the empire of hackers in our world. American companies Cisco and Apple admitted years ago that there are security loopholes and backdoors in their equipment. The US intelligence has long been running indiscriminate, illegal surveillance programs on foreign governments, businesses and individuals alike, including those of its allies. Even American citizens don't have any secrets to speak of. These are open facts.

Chinese companies have been operating in accordance to law and regulation. They strictly follow the local laws and regulations of the host countries, and always adhere to the principles of market and rule of law. Chinese enterprises will continue to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries on the basis of respecting market rules and relevant laws. Chinese enterprises are not afraid of competition, but the rules of competition should be fair and just. The Chinese government will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard Chinese businesses' legitimate rights and interests.

4. Regarding Prime Minister Zaev’s remarks that it is inadmissible that Chinese companies build the 5G network in North Macedonia as a NATO country,

Comment: We have noted relevant statement and are highly concerned about them. The orientation of a country's 5G policies reflects whether it can guarantee the security of foreign investment and create an open, fair, equitable and non-discriminatory business environment, which is an important indicator for its investment environment and international image.

It’s a wrong move to abuse the national security concept and oppress Chinese enterprises with it. It’s self-defeating to manipulate with ideology as the yardstick. Such harmful behavior is not only against the historical trend, but also overestimation of one’s own strength, which even many companies in the United States cannot stand. For a long time, Chinese enterprises, including Huawei, have actively participated in the economic development of North Macedonia, making important contributions to the economic and social development of North Macedonia, which is highly appreciated by its local partners. China - North Macedonia cooperation is in line with the common interests of both sides, benefits our two peoples, and has nothing to do with third parties. We hope that North Macedonia think twice before taking action.

History will certainly prove that the future of Europe is not subordinate to the US, and the Central and Eastern European countries can hardly get a small slice of cake from Washington’s hegemony. They need to be able to control their own destiny. It should be a common choice for China and European countries to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, to maintain and practice multilateralism in the post-epidemic era, for the benefit of development of our countries and peoples.

The Chinese government will continue to firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises in accordance with the law. We hope that the side of North Macedonia will act in the same direction together with the Chinese side, adhere to the principles of market economy and fair competition, abide by international economic and trade rules, make objective and fair decisions independently, and provide a fair, open and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese ente