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Embassy Spokesperson's Statement on the US Undersecretary of State Krach's Remarks on 5G issues

2020-10-23 23:12

During his visit to North Macedonia, the US Undersecretary of State Keith Krach made remarks attacking and defaming China, which the Chinese side firmly opposes. If the US really cares about the development of other countries, it should bring about something tangible and stop spreading rumors and creating trouble, not to mention politicizing and stigmatizing 5G network cooperation, otherwise it will lead to self-imposed isolation, hurting oneself as well as others.

The 21st century has long been an era of win-win cooperation. Advocating hatred and instigating confrontation are incompatible with the trend of the times. The US attempt to create a "new Cold War" trap and coerce its allies to contain China will not succeed, nor is it in the interests of any business and people anywhere, including American businesses and people. No European country wants a "new Cold War ". We advise some US politicians to stop spreading political viruses, stop slandering China with words and deeds, and stop interfering in normal cooperation between China and North Macedonia.

Now that the so-called "secure network" seems to be Krach's pet phrase concerning 5G security issue, perhaps he should explain to us, why is it that the shadowy figure of the US can be found in cyber espionage activities from PRISM to Equation Group to ECHELON? Why is it that American intelligence authorities run a 24/7 surveillance of cell phones and computers all over the world, even wiretapping on leaders of US allies for over a decade? This is apparently the modus operandi of a hacker state. It is just preposterous that as the country with cyber theft stains all over it, the US should have the audacity to propose the building of a "secure network" or "clean network".

From meddling in other countries' 5G rollout to openly coercing allies into excluding Huawei, certain US politicians have no scruples resorting to state power as long as it can stop Chinese businesses from getting an edge in 5G. What they have in mind is not a "secure network", but an "American Network"; not a "secure 5G network", but a "US surveillance network"; not protection of "privacy and liberties" of the individual, but consolidation of "digital hegemony" of the US. This kind of bullying behaviors are certainly not welcome.

In the era of globalization, 5G technology should be jointly developed and shared by all countries. Politicizing 5G issue and seeking a clique targeting China is inconducive to the development of 5G technology and run counter to fair competition and the common interests of the international community. We believe most countries will stay independent and make their own decisions. The Chinese side takes note of the Memorandum of Understanding on 5G security, signed between North Macedonia and the US on October 23. We hope that the side of North Macedonia will continue to maintain a business environment that is fair, just, open and non-discriminatory.

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