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Ambassador Wen Bid Farewell to Prime Minister Dimitriev

2016-08-20 03:17
On 19th August 2016, Ambassador Wen Zhenshun paid a farewell visit to the Prime Minsiter of the government of the Republic of Macedonia Emil Dimitriev.  

Ambassador Wen expressed his gratitude for the great efforts of the Prime Minister for the development of the bilateral relations. Wen said, under Prime Minsiter's personal attantion and support, all the government institutions have carried out intensive cooperation with the Chinese side, the bilateral relations have maintainted a good momentum of stable development in various fields.
Prime Minister felt regrettable for Ambassador Wen's leaving. He spoke highly of the contribution of Ambassador Wen during his mandate for prmoting the state relations between Macedonia and China and extended an open invitation for him to visit Macedonia whenever at his convinence in the future. He said, Macedonia is currently facing the multiple challenges caused by the political crisis, migrant waves and the recent storm disaster. The government of Macedonia wanted to thank sincerely for the donation and emergency aid, provided by the Red Cross Society of China and Chinese companies in Macedonia. He also expressed his appreciation  for the basic principle of non-interference in internal affairs of the Chinese government. He underlined that the government of Macedonia will continue to firmly develop the relations with China and welcome the Chinese companies to participate in the new infrastructre projects in the future.
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