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Ambassador Wen Zhenshun visited Kriva Palanka

2016-05-27 20:29

On May 26, 2016, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Macedonia, Mr. Wen Zhenshun paid a visit to the Municipality of Kriva Palanka.



Within the agenda, the Ambassador had a meeting with the Mayor, Mr. Arsencho Aleksovski  in his office, then he visited the garment factory "Weibo Group", attended a Ping-Pong tournament, and also visited the city museum of Kriva Palanka, accmpanied by the Mayor.

Wen Zhenshun is the first Ambassador of the People's Republic of China who visited the Municipality of Kriva Palanka.

The Mayor Aleksovski, during the visit, briefed the Ambassador about the work of the municipality, its location, the landmarks, the potential for investment and business - environment. And during the visit of the museum the Ambassador got acquainted with the cultural - historic heritage of the city.

Ambassador Zhenshun stated his impressions of Kriva Palanka, that he feels wonderful, especially for having the opportunity to be in such a beautiful and clean city as Kriva Palanka, and even more so it matches the date when he first commenced his ambassadorial function in Republic of Macedonia, exactly two years ago.

During the visit, the opportunities for further future cooperation in economic and cultural areas were discussed, Also  during the visit of the "Weibo Group" factory, which is established with a Turkish-Chinese investment in the textile area and employs 650 people from the city, the manager presented their work, the benefits and the challenges they face.



At the tournament in the table tennis club in Kriva Palanka, the Ambassador was informed that Kriva Palanka participates in the national team with 2/3 of the total number of representatives, which was encountered with particular enthusiasm, especially given that the table tennis is a national  sport in China.

In the city museum of Kriva Palanka, he gladly followed the presentation by the Director Dragan Velichkovski and visited the exhibition of photographs of Kokino.

The Ambassador noted that he will seek to achieve a cooperation between the companies from Kriva Palanka - Macedonia and China in any area and their connection in order to achieve partnerships for development of the municipality. He will also pledge for more Chinese tourists to visit Kriva Palanka, especially its landmarks and beauties.

The Mayor Aleksovski and the Ambassador Wen highlighted that in the future period they will continue with mutual cooperation and visits.

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