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Skopje Dance Festival Closed with Contemporary Dance from China

2016-04-24 20:13

With the performance "La Trans Valo" from Beijing Nine Contemporary Dance Company of Beijing, China, the International Festival of Contemporary Dance "Dance Fest 2016 " was officially closed on 23rd April in Skopje.



The audience of around 600 people at 20 pm at the Macedonian National Theater enjoyed a modern dance performance that explores the man in the urban space, the interaction between the individual and society and the influences and relationship between them.

As a motive for their creation, choreographer cites James Montgomery ...beyond this vale of tears there is a life above, unmeasured by the flight of years and all that life is love...

Furthermore, Krezis says: "Behind this valley together in time and space is a big city. The city is where the queen lives constantly evolving, destroying and again renewing. Modern cities are made of millions and millions of tons of steel and concrete ... they are dangerous, large and suffocating, can hover over our heads and suddenly hit, grab, wrap and swallow us. They can be unpredictable, but at the end of the day, they created for and by the people. Since the beginning of time to the present day, we create space, which we think is best for us and the society in which we live. The group will always be stronger than the individual. When a group of people in cohesion will face the unpredictability of urban spaces, it always finds a way to avoid the difficulties that can be intercepted. Life always overcomes death. The history of evolution learned that life does not stop. Life is releasing us; spread us to new territories, and destroys barriers, dangerously, feverishly and even painful.

Jorge Krezis is a Spanish dancer and choreographer. Working as a professional dancer with companies in Barcelona, ​​Brussels and London. He has its own dance company, but also works as a guest choreographer in the dance companies from the UK, Europe, Russia and China.

Nine Contemporary Dance Company of Beijing was founded in 2010. The company is dedicated to combining modern dance techniques with elements of Chinese tradition. It is the only modern dance company in China which has its own theater. In the last five years, the company successfully implemented over 10 productions, which treats people and the society in which we live. The productions are based on innovation and research in contemporary dance expression. The company intersects different artistic forms of working and talented independent artists who explore the scenic expression, and body language that embodies the Chinese cultural awareness.

Mr. Chao Ke, artistic director of Nine Contemporary Dance Company, graduated from the Academy of Dance in Beijing. Running in Modern Dance Company as a choreographer and soloist, and in 2010 he founded Nine Contemporary Dance Company. He is dedicated to promoting contemporary dance in China and the popularization of contemporary dance art. In his dance career, Chao will perform as a dancer in the famous theaters in Europe, North America and Asia, including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Joyce Theater in New York, Paris National Opera and the National Theater of Spain. Guest of renowned festivals and international cultural events like the Biennale in Venice, the Festival of the Arts in Singapore, International Art Festival - Cervantes International Festival Chang Mu, Festivals of Art in Madrid and Rome Kunst en Castelain and Festival of the Arts in Taiwan, cross- Streits.

In August 2013, Mr. Chao is invited to present his choreography "The Name of the Rose", the festival "Twelve days of Chinese Dance Arts" at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, which is the largest art institution for the presentation of performances in China.

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