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Ambassador Wen Zhenshun met with Interim Prime Minsiter Dimitriev

2016-01-28 18:31
On 27th January 2016, Ambassador Wen Zhenshun met with Mr. Emil Dimitriev,the Prime Minister of the Caretaker Government of the Republic of Macedonia.
Prime Minister Dimitriev welcomed Ambassador Wen for the visit. He said, China is a partner of strategic importance for Macedonia. The cooperations between the two countries in infrastructre and other fields have played a positive role by the development of the Macedonian economy, for which the Macedonian side highly appreciats. The caretaker government under his leadership will spare no efforts to ensure the smooth development of the ungoing bilateral cooperation projects, unaffected by the political situation ahead of the parliamentary elcetion.
Ambassador Wen congratulated PM Dimitriev for his inauguration. He expressed the gratitude and appreciation to the Macedonian government for their high degree of emphasis as well as their great efforts on the development of the the friendly cooperative relations between two countries.The Chinese government adheres to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of foeign countries, sincerely hopes the polical stability of Macedonia can be restored as soon as possible. China is willing to work together with Macedonia to steadily deepen cooperations in various fileds.
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