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Ambassador Wen Zhenshun visits Prilep

2015-04-23 22:42


The Chinese Embassy will present Prilep and the town's potentials for future investments to Chinese investors and businessmen, announced the country's ambassador to Macedonia, Wen Zhenshun during his visit to the town on Wednesday, 22nd April 2015.

The ambassador met the mayor of Prilep, Marjan Risteski. According to ambassador Wen, Prilep has potentials.

"I'm happy to be in Prilep. The peoples of Chine and of Macedonia have good joint relations, and I'm especially pleased that Prilep has excellent relations with the Chinese city of Deyang. With the mayor, we talked about how to improve the relations. Through the conversations I realized that the potentials for future cooperation are huge. The Chinese Embassy will present Prilep to Chinese investors and businessmen. It will present it in all its sectors, including education and culture," Ambassador Wen  said.



Mayor Risteski reminded that his town has established sister relations with the City of Deyang and that so far, two mutual visits have been held. The white Prilep marble and the investment zones are the assets drawing most attention.

The interest from the Chinese side is huge, particularly about the white marble, and the hydro power plants of Cebren and Galiste were also topics of discussion, as well as the Eurokompozit company.

"This will mean improvement of the economic relations and increase of foreign investments, especially from China, in Prilep, but also in Macedonia," Risteski added.

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