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Macedonian Project Cooperation with China Intensified

2014-09-29 02:06

Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi met September 26, 2014 with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Macedonia Wen Zhenshun to talk about bilateral cooperation, with special emphasis on projects implemented with grant support of China.

According to the Secretariat for European Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister Besimi expressed satisfaction with the level of communication and cooperation between the institutions of the two countries responsible for the preparation and implementation of projects.

Moreover, the need for continuation and strengthening of contacts and discussions in the future were emphasized in order to successfully overcome the mutual challenges and achieve better results in the future.

One project of particular interest is the construction of the primary school "Rajko Zinzifov" in the Municipality of Kisela Voda, whose new school building opened September 1 to the primary school students from the local community.

The project, as outlined by both sides, is the first by complexity and volume of work carried out in the framework of the project cooperation and will serve as a basis for further improvement of the processes of project preparation and implementation.

Besimi, who also is National Coordinator for Foreign Aid in the Government, underlined the interest of the Republic of Macedonia to continue with the preparation and rapid onset of implementation of the priority projects that are already established.

Among other projects, the collocutors mentioned the construction projects of primary schools in the municipalities of Tetovo and Gazi Baba, projects to build new kindergartens in the municipalities of Kisela Voda and Chair, and the project to build a new building for the Confucius Institute in Skopje.

Within the already signed agreements with the People's Republic of China, EUR 8 million in grants are provided for the implementation of these projects and the State Institutions Networking project.

The implementation of these projects, according to the established principles of the Government, envisages participation of domestic companies and labor as well as providing significant part of the necessary building materials at the domestic market.

With such cooperation on current and future projects, People's Republic of China is undoubtedly boosting its profile of serious and committed partner in the field of education as key factor to the overall development of the Republic of Macedonia.

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