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Vice President of ZTE gives lecture on the President's School for Young Leaders

2014-08-21 02:45

The School for Young Leaders, as initiative by the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, opens on 19th August in Ohrid. Former Serbian President Boris Tadic, Canadian parliament senator Donald Meredith, Chinese Ambassador Wen Zhenshun and  Vice President of the ZTE telecommunications corporation Xiao Ming, and other guests attend the opening ceremony.




                                                                                President Gjorge Ivanov

This is the fifth time the School, which includes lectures and workshops with foreign dignitaries, experts, business and academia leaders, is held, with lectures scheduled to last until August 28. Participants include selected students and young professionals.The School will include a total of 20 renowned lectures who will share their experience and views on leadership with about 40 participants.


                                                         Xiao Ming,Vice President of the ZTE

The list of lecturers this year will also include Karl von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria, Kosta Petrov, founder of the P. World company, Jason Miko, manager of Russell Public Communications, Patrick Jephson, private secretary to Princess Diana, Mary Jo Jacobi, assistant to President Ronald Regan, Tasfir Awal, manager of the Multimode Group, legal expert Muhamed Mesic and others.             



                                                          Ambassador Wen  with  President  Ivanov               

The School for Young Leaders was established on the initiative of President Ivanov, shortly after his election in 2009, and is held annually. Four of these intensive leadership training programs were held so far, since 2010. The goal of President Ivanov's School is to enable young talented and ambitious people from Macedonia to build up and upgrade their skills, develop their creativity and managerial abilities.The School's program includes lectures and training workshops in the areas of leadership and management by eminent lecturers and top performers in their education and business organizations, management simulations and practical exercises.

(Source: Mia)

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