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Ambassador Wen met with Vice Prime Minister Peshevski

2014-07-18 00:28

Ambassador Wen Zhenshun met with Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs , Mr. Vladimir Peshevski on Thursday, 17.07.2014.

The Vice Prime Minister welcomed the new ambassador wishing him success during his mandate and resumption of the successful cooperation with his predecessors.

Projects for the construction of highways Miladinovci – Shtip and Kichevo – Ohrid, which are under implementation and where are engaged Chinese companies and the potential investment in energy projects were discussed at today's meeting. Pledges for further stimulation of investment promotion, economic cooperation between the two coungtries and increase in trade exchange were made at the meeting. Both sides welcomed the bilateral relations between the two countries and friendship marked by dynamic successful cooperation, emphasizing the trade with the People's Republic of China.

(Source: MIA and KURIR)

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