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Sichuan Delegation meets with Minister of Agriculture

2014-06-13 19:25




The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Ljupco Dimovski, today had a meeting on 11. June.2014, with the Chinese delegation led by Mr. Gao Feng, Vice President of CPPCC of the Sichuan Province, and with the newly appointed ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Macedonia, Wen Zhenshun.

On the meeting, the guests expressed great interest in making investments of the Chinese companies in the agricultural field. They said that they have come to Macedonia directly to get acquainted with the conditions for investment in agriculture and animal husbandry, particularly sheep and cattle breeding, and also emphasized that the Macedonian wine has already become recognizable on the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is the greatest market in the world, but it is also a very selective one. It is necessary to offer quality to satisfy the needs of the Chinese consumers. Your idea for presence of the Chinese companies, which will open their representative offices in Macedonia, is a great opportunity for your businessmen because Macedonia is a gate towards the European Union market. You have my support for any investment in the field of agriculture, underlined Minister Dimovski.

He stressed that all the laws in the Republic of Macedonia that refer to the area of agriculture have been completely harmonized with the EU legislation.

The guests from Sichuan, one of the most developed provinces in PR China in the area of agriculture, especially in stock breeding expressed their gratitude to the Minister for the detailed information, which according to them, indicated that there are still many areas in which they can have cooperation and expressed wish for a new meeting and investments in agriculture.

Aimed at deepening of the trade cooperation and enhancement of the export of Macedonian agricultural-food products, a Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed with the People's Republic of China for further cooperation in agriculture and a Protocol of phytosanitary conditions for export of Macedonian tobacco to PR China, with which cooperation in agriculture field has already been enabled from formal legal aspect.

(Source: MIA, Macedonian Information Agency)

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