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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on the Swift Efforts of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Ukraine Concerning the Attack Against 3 students in Ukraine

2007-10-17 00:00

On the evening of October 14, three Chinese female students were attacked and wounded by unidentified gangsters in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. They were sent to hospital immediately, and are out of danger now. The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine made urgent representation to Ukraine. Ambassador Zhou Li went to visit the injured students in hospital. On October 16, chief of the Consular Protection Center of the Foreign Ministry had an urgent meeting with officials from the Ukraine Embassy in China, expressing China's extreme concern over this case and urging Ukraine to bring the criminals to justice and take effective measures to ensure the safety of life and property of Chinese students in Ukraine and prevent recurrence of similar cases. The Ukraine officials deeply regretted the mishap, saying that they would make thorough investigation over the case, spare no efforts to rescue the injured, bring the criminals to account, and strengthen police patrol in Chinese students' community so as to avoid recurrence of similar cases. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Ukraine will work together with relevant parties to follow up the case.

Chinese citizens in Ukraine, students in particular, are advised to enhance self-protection and guard against risks. Do not go to dangerous areas and try to reduce risk to the minimum. Please report to Ukraine police and contact Chinese Embassy in Ukraine immediately in times of emergency.

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