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Delegation of City Wuxi visited Kochani

2016-08-17 15:31

On 16th August, a delegation from the twinned city Wuxi,  Jiangsu Province, PR China,led by Mr. Yao Jianhua, Chiarman of Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal People's Conggress, paid an official visit to the Municipality of Kochani, where they met with the mayor Ratko Dimitrovski, President of City Council Mr. Dimitrov and visited some local enterprises and institutions. 




The potentials of cooperation in the Kochani region, such as the rice production, the utilization of geothermal waters and promotion and development of mountain tourism, especially in the sports and recreation center Ponikva, were discussed between both sides.

- With the guests from the twinned city Wuxi we talked about the possibility of quality organic rice production with the system drop by drop, the classification and export of produced quantities of rice in China. Guests were informed about the potentials of geothermal springs in the valley of Kochani, with the current utilization, as well as plans for new investments in the area of utilization of this energy potential. The guests were interested about the mountain tourism potential in the area of Ponikva, said the Mayor of Kochani, Ratko Dimitrovski.


The delegation of the city Wuxi we led by their first man in the municipality, Zhao Jianhua. In his statement he said:

- We are here to determine the initial investment from PR China in the area of rice production, its organic production with the system drop by drop. We looked through the possibility for export of Kochani's rice in China, as a large producer of this food. You have great experience in the area of foreign investment, and therefore, our businessmen are interested to invest here, said the Mayor of Wuxi, Yao Jianhua.

According to the agreement, the cooperation between the twinned municipalities Kochani and Wuxi, will continue on cultural and educational plan, whereby it is expected a student exchange between the two cities.

The next visit of a business delegation from the city of Wuxi, PR China is scheduled for October, when Kochani will held the celebration of the annual"Rice Fesitival".



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